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    libby's carecter (not compleat)



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    libby's carecter (not compleat)

    Post  libowy on Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:43 pm

    *Super Hero Name:
    *Power:Invisibility, energy blast(Blue discs of energy.
    *Can you control it:What kind of control? He can use it when he needs to, but still lets it lose if he's angry or upset.
    How long have you had them: Since birth. He dominated at hide and seek.
    How did you get them:
    *History:(4 sentences)
    *Appearance: (4 sentences)
    *Personality: (4 sentences)
    *Talents: (at least two)
    *Weaknesses: (at least one)
    Do you live at the Mansion:
    How long:

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