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    U.S.M.C's New character



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    U.S.M.C's New character

    Post  U.S.M.C on Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:39 pm

    *Name: Michael Gold.

    *Super Hero Name: None yet

    *Gender: Male

    *Age: 6 almost 7

    *Family: Nichole Gold.(mom)

    *Power: he can switch genders. and he can turn
    invisible and he is very smart.

    *Can you control it: Yes

    *How did you get them: He was playing on his computer testic toxic stuff when the computer exploded and he got injected with the toxic stuff and got super powers.

    *History: He was born in his house. He never had a dad and his mom is kind of poor. He grew up with just his mom in North Carolina. When he was 6 he was sent to the manchion cause his mom couldent take care of him anymore. Later that year his mom was diagnosed with canser so he has been going back and forth untill she died. now he lives at the manchion forever.

    *Appearance: He has short brown hair with blueish green eyes. He is very adoribal. and is short and skinny. with an average nose and ears. He has uneven ankles and he has perfect white teeth.

    *Personality: He is very sweet and funny. he is shy and can make friends quickly. He is very useful he is strong and fast but he gets his feelings hurt easily. He can also be evil in a nice way. and he is very coopertive.

    *Talents: He can play sports vert well and he can play instroments and he gives very good advise. and he can comfort people.

    *Weaknesses: his weakness are pretty colors and he is ADHD so he cant pay attention well. and he will give up anything for his friends and family. and he is gulibal.

    Pets: None yet

    Do you live at the Mansion: Yes

    How long: 1 week

    Other: He wets the bed and he is jewish. and he is hetero sexual. and he is very athletic.

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    Re: U.S.M.C's New character

    Post  KaySpyGirl on Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:08 pm

    Okay okay. A few problems. First, waaaaayyyyy to many powers. Pick one, maybe two. Two, a spider bite. That's Spider Man's thing. Please pick something else. Three, please add more to history, personality, and appearance. Thank you.

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