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    Post  KaySpyGirl on Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:20 am

    Hello! OK here are some questions. Answer them truthfully and without lies to see if you know enough to be an admin or mod.

    Why do you want the job? administration

    Will you get on often?

    A good site needs a good administration. An administration that knows what their talking about. NO GOOGLE OR WIKIPEDIA!!!! (or any other site to look it up on)

    Why does Rouge have a white streak in her hair, what is her power, why does she wear gloves?

    What is ironic about Kitty Prides name?

    Who is Wolverine, what are his powers, why can't he remember anything?

    Who is Tony Stark? Is he a super hero? Does he have super powers and why did he decide to become a super hero?

    How are the Fantastic Four related?

    Who were the first Avengers?

    When is Captain America from? Does he have super powers?

    Why is the hulk the hulk?

    Who is Nick Fury? Does he have super powers? What is he in charge of?

    PM be back ASASHP (as soon as super heroically possible)

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