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    KaySpyGirl's Characters (done)



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    KaySpyGirl's Characters (done)

    Post  KaySpyGirl on Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:06 pm

    Name: Georgia Smithens

    Super Hero Name: I don't have one yet.

    *Gender: Female

    *Age: 13

    *Family: Jacob Smithens (ya one of the top generals of the army), Mary Smithens (mom), Matt Smithens (older brother)

    *Power: Telepathy

    *Can you control it: Sort-No not really. I try though

    How long have you had them: About a year now.

    *History:I grew up the perfect little general's daughter. The one he over protected at all costs. OK now for the truth. As long as I wasn't in trouble he didn't care. So I got in trouble a lot. He covered it up every time. I still got his attention. My dad has always HATED MUTANTS!!!! He said he would kill them all. When I got my powers I had to hide them from him. Luckily the X-Men found me and got my parents to let me come to the mansion.

    *Appearance: I have reddish blond hair (light red hair with a little blond) that is curly down to my shoulders. My eyes are goldish-brown. I have freckles all along the top of my nose to top of my cheeks. I am about 5 feet tall and 80 pounds. My costume is black and gold.

    *Personality: I am a clever girl. I only have a few friends because I am trouble some, reckless at times, and a little hard to get a long with at times. I am a good leader but I shut myself from people to keep their thoughts out of my head. Other wise I am friendly and kind.

    *Talents: I am good at fighting. I am pretty good at acting.

    *Weaknesses: If there are to many thoughts at once I get over powered and it hurts really bad.

    Pets: None

    Do you live at the Mansion: Yes

    How long: 11 months

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