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    Rules and Punishments. (MUST READ)



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    Rules and Punishments. (MUST READ)

    Post  KaySpyGirl on Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:52 pm

    Here are the rules EVERYONE has to go by. If you don't there will be consequences.

    Be kind. No bulling! If I or anyone else sees this you shall die!!!! Just kidding but you will get in deep trouble.

    No swearing. A swear or curse in a post or in chat box and you will be in deep trouble.

    No spamming. It's annoying and frustrating no matter what you call it. No spamming OK people?

    Be honorable. You are a superhero! If you don't show respect what's the point!

    Don't post for other people. Don't kill or injure other peoples character's without the writer's consent. No power-playing!

    4 sentences per post. Anything less is useless.

    No Mary-sue characters. No Ms. or Mr perfect. No superhero is perfect.

    if you do join the site, and you're on other roleplaying sites, Put this
    [center][color=orange]{USERNAME}, do you wish you had powers? or are you a big marvel fan? Then what are you waiting for? Come to my [url=http://marvelousmarvel.board-directory.net/]site![/url] [/color][/center]
    in your signiture.

    If you have a problem with the rules or any questions ask me.

    Punishments include, You could get banned for chat-box, from the site, or completely deleted from this form. Also if your char. does something your char. can be punished or deleted. Any questions? Ask me.

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