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    Attention Students!



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    Attention Students!

    Post  KaySpyGirl on Fri Apr 19, 2013 8:24 pm

    "Students! Settle down, please! QUIET EVERYONE! Thank you," Professor Xavier shouted over the noise of the full room,"There is a situation. General Smithens is on his way here, an-" he cut off at everyone in the room started to talk to each other in panic. "Calm down! He does not know this is a school for mutants! The school is still safe. He is on the look out for mutants, and 'coming here to see his daughter'," he paused again as people started to shout angrily at Ms. Smithens. "Everyone! He is coming to the school in search of mutants, not to visit Georgia, it is just an excuse for taking a tour around the school. If there is ANY show of powers while he is here, we will be under full attack. If someone shows their powers, he will attack them, and one of you will try to defend the victim. We all have to act normally and treat this very delicate situation with caution. Do not act panicked. He will assume something is wrong and shut us down. Now, if anyone has any questions?" the Professor finished. It was everyone's turn to reply.

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